Information for Friends’ members and article authors

Magna Magazine

The latest edition of our twice-yearly magazine Magna was issued in early November 2017. If any member has not received their hard copy or been able to access their e-copy through the members’ area of the website, please contact:

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Next editions

  1. Our Spring Magna edition will be issued in May 2018. The editorial deadline for articles to be sent to the is Friday 2 March 2018.
  2. Our Winter Magna edition will be issued in November 2018. The editorial deadline for articles to be sent to the is Sunday 2 September 2018.


Guidance and ‘House Style’ rules for Magna articles – please read all guidelines carefully

Several authors, past and present, have expressed the view that some guidance on ‘House Style’ rules would aid the writing of articles for the Friends’ magazine. To this end, we have produced a guidance document which is available for download here and this should be read in conjunction with the guidance in the rest of this section. Please note, the list is not exhaustive. If you have any queries, please contact Please see above for editorial deadline dates.

The sole criteria for article content is that it should be based on archival records held at The National Archives (TNA), Kew, or linked to other archives. All references/evidence should be from mainly primary sources at TNA, although archival sources from linked archives and secondary references can also be used, where appropriate.

As a general guideline, the word count should be between a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 3,700 words (including notes), and articles should be presented without sub-headings. Copy (text) should be written from an objective standpoint, in semi-detached tone, and opinion should be supported by evidential reference. Any photographic and pictorial content should be of high resolution and supplied by the author with full references and copyright clearance. Arrangements will be made to upload all files.


Please note: Budgeting for space is always difficult, so from the November 2018 Magna edition onwards, would any member/author wishing to contribute an article to the magazines, please contact the at least three calendar months before the editorial deadline (shown above), in order to confirm details of their edition place, and again at least two calendar months before the editorial deadline to confirm their material (e.g. this will be the 2 July 2018 for the November 2018 magazine).


Article Library

In the future, we are planning to compile an article library accessible from the members’ area of the website. This will hold indexed articles by members that it has not been possible to include within the limited space of the twice-yearly Magna magazines.  Anyone interested in contributing to the library should contact the


Outreach Newsletter

The latest edition of Outreach was issued online in pdf. format in February 2018. Please see the Home page. (We do not post to members but hard copies are available at the Kew Desk.)

Articles in Outreach are short items only, intended to update members every two months on project developments, funding and events.

The next edition of Outreach will be issued in April 2018. The editorial deadline for articles or information to be sent to the is Tuesday 10 April 2018.




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