Libellus is a collection of new online-only articles with some selected and edited off-prints from our magazine. There is a mixture of mostly short reads together with features similar to those in our members’ magazine. Contributions to this online collection or for Magna are always welcome. Please contact the editor for more information.

Libellus translates from the Latin as petition or small book, so named to provide a contrast to Magna (large) or as Magazine of The National Archives.

Members are reminded about the copyright restrictions for our magazine. Those restrictions also apply here and material should not be circulated beyond the membership for non-personal use or republished, in whole or in part, without the permissionof the trustees. Images are reproduced with the kind permission of The National Archives, unless otherwise stated.

Please click on the link to access each article:

A System of Spies and Informants – Chris Barnes

Agincourt: An army marching on parchment – Ben Trowbridge

“Arts for Art’s Sake”: Sunflowers, peacocks and blue and white china – Julie Halls

Some research tips – Jane Ainsworth

The Battle of Flodden 1513 – Sean Cunningham

The Coronation in the Public Records – Adrian Ailes

The Czar’s British Squadron – Michael Mohoney

The Dear Mrs Pennyman Project – Jane Ainsworth

The Death of Queen Anne: Three hundredth year commemoration – Ralph Thompson

The Fine Young Old Boy – Simon Fowler

The Royal Sussex Regiment in the Archives – Tony Wakeford

Tragic Voyage of the Lloyds to New Zealand – Ian Hay-Campbell

Shot by Kurdish Tribesmen – Susan Littledale

Recording and the gramophone record in the Second World War (1): a Coastal Command research trial in 1944 – Tony Wakeford