2006: Conserving paintings from the Ministry of Information 1939-1946 (INF 3)

The Friends made a contribution towards conservation materials to house valuable works of art at The National Archives. These original paintings and drawings were produced for the Ministry of Information for propaganda and publicity purposes during the Second World War.

This is an important and unique collection, containing work by highly regarded artists such as Mervyn Peake, illustrator of the Gormenghast Trilogy and Alice In Wonderland.

2005: Court of Chancery

Converting printed and manuscript catalogues of litigation into an electronic format for the online catalogue.

The Prize Papers

The Prize Papers are letters and papers found on ships captured by the British from 1652 to 1815. TNA is a partner in a major international project Prize Papers, a 20 year digitisation and research project to make these confiscated letters and papers freely availale. The Friends have been supporting various aspects of this project since 2013. This article from Amanda Bevan gives more detail.

Other projects

Some of the other project work we have supported include SP 20/10-13 (Parliamentary Sequestration Committee); KB 9 (King’s Bench Indictments) MH47 (Conscientious Objectors Tribunals); C 5, 7, & 8 (Chancery proceedings) and HCA 30 & 32 (Prize papers – the High Court of Admiralty). We have supported various conferences, including those on RMS Titanic; Railways; various aspects of the First World War and the Prize Papers. We help to fund talks and events at The National Archives and supported the Writer of the Month series in 2013.

We have supported competitions based on the use of historical records to create films and computer games. We have jointly funded projects with the British Association of Local History, the Federation of Family History Societies and the National Maritime Museum.