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The way to apply to become a member and our subscription rates are changing. This website is currently being updated and the new process should be ready by 1 December 2021. Please check back then.


The Friends of The National Archives is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), whose members have various powers under its constitution. These powers include voting on amendments to the constitution; to elect trustees; to put resolutions to General Meetings of the members; to vote on amalgamation or transfer of assets to another CIO and dissolution of the CIO.

Under charity law all CIO members have a duty to exercise these members’ powers in the way they consider in good faith is most likely to further the CIO’s charitable purposes. The constitution requires that you confirm your acceptance of this duty to become a full voting member of the CIO. If you do not agree to exercise the powers vested in members then your application cannot be accepted.

By applying for membership you acknowledge and agree to exercise these powers, and your name will be then be entered into the Register of Members.


Please see the attached link for the Friends’ Equality and Diversity Policy.