UPDATE – PLEASE NOTE: We are currently undertaking maintenance on our website. Would anyone wishing to purchase a gift membership, please contact the Friends by email at  enquiries@ftna.org.uk  providing your name and a contact number and we will process your gift membership directly.

The Friends of The National Archives are pleased to offer our 2019 Gift Membership facility.

How does it work?

Select the category and status of the recipient of your gift from one of the following alphabetical groups:

Category Description
A Non-concessionary – over 26 years and under 60 years – annual
C Concessionary- under 26 years and over 60 years – annual
E Charity or Corporate – annual
G Life Membership under 60 years – one-off payment
H Life Membership over 60 years – one-off payment

Then choose one of the following numeral options:

Option Description
1 Annual membership for one year only – no agreed renewal option
2 Annual Membership with automated renewal (normal rate after initial year) in 12 months time with printed & posted magazines
3 Annual Membership with automated renewal (normal rate after initial year) in 12 months time and with e-copy magazine (rather than the printed & posted magazine in option 2)

Some Examples

  • Non-concessionary for one year is A1
  • Concessionary for one year is C1
  • Concessionary, with automated renewal at end of first year at standard rate is C2
  • Non-concessionary with automated renewal at end of first year at standard rate for one year and with the e-copy Magazine is A3

To Purchase the Gift

Using the code of your Gift Membership recipient that you identified in the previous section, find that same reference in one of the following drop down lists and click and complete via the appropriate PayPal ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Subscribe’ button.

Each of the rates shown has each already been reduced by £5.00 for this prepaid Gift Membership offer. Renewal of the gift membership will be at our standard rate (i.e. currently £5.00 more than this special offer rate).

Please note:

  • You need to key in the start date of the first year of gift membership (e.g. the recipient’s birthday / Christmas / another specific date of your choice and your contact phone number*) in the first text box (* We will only use your contact number in the event of a query)
  • You will also need to enter the recipient’s name, house number or name, post code and contact phone number in the second text box

For one year options (i.e. A1, C1, E1) or Life Membership options (i.e. G or H)

For renewable options: (i.e. A2, A3, C2, C3 and E2)

The Gift Membership Certificate and supporting material will be posted to you (the purchaser) within 10 working days of the receipt of your payment.

You should send / present the certificate and the Gift Membership pack to your intended recipient prior to or on the nominated membership start date.

The receiver of your gift will need to complete their details on the full application form (included in the Gift Membership pack) that you have given or sent to them and for them to return it as soon as possible to:

Membership Secretary
The Friends of The National Archives
c/o Kelly Kimpton, Friends’ Co-ordinator
The National Archives
Kew, Richmond
Surrey TW9 4DU

The Membership Secretary of the Friends of The National Archives will send the new member’s welcome pack (including the new member’s membership card) once the new member’s application has been received.