The Friends of The National Archives is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), whose members have various powers under its constitution. These powers include voting on amendments to the constitution; to elect trustees; to put resolutions to General Meetings of the members; to vote on amalgamation or transfer of assets to another CIO and dissolution of the CIO.

Under charity law all CIO members have a duty to exercise these members’ powers in the way they consider in good faith is most likely to further the CIO’s charitable purposes. The constitution requires that you confirm your acceptance of this duty to become a full voting member of the CIO. If you do not agree to exercise the powers vested in members then your application cannot be accepted.

By applying for membership you acknowledge and agree to exercise these powers, and your name will then be entered into the Register of Members.

Welcome to our membership application page.

By becoming a member of the Friends, you can help us provide support to The National Archives in preserving the nation’s documentary heritage and making it more accessible to the public.

Please complete the membership application and payment sections below.

Membership Categories

We offer the following membership categories:

  • Individual membership (Category A)
  • Concession membership (aged under 26 or over 60) (Category C)
    In each case there is a “+ One” for joint membership for 2 persons at the same postal address (Category B and D)
  • Charity / Corporate membership (Category E)
  • Life membership (under 60 Category G and over 60 Category H)

The membership rates for 12 months from date of joining are shown in the table below.

The full rate is Rate 1. There are reduced rates if:

  • You agree to automatic renewal of your membership by auto-renewals by PayPal or credit card (Rate 2), or
  • You agree to receive the Friends’ magazine (Magna) in an electronic format, or collect from Kew (Rate 2)
  • You agree to automatic renewal as above and to receive the Friends’ magazine electronically or collect from Kew (Rate 3)
Membership Categories and Rates – Please make a note of the category and rate i/d – you will need this in the payment section
Ref Category Rate 1
Rate 2
Rate 3
A Individual 25 20 15
B Individual +1 35 30 25
C Concession 22 17 12
D Concession +1 30 25 20
E Charity or Corporate 60 55
F * Overseas Supplement 5
G Life Member under 60 500
H Life Member over 60 325

* Overseas Supplement applies only when magazine post option is selected for non-UK addresses.

Step 1: Personal information

After submitting this form you will be taken to Step 2 where you can make payment.

Title 1*
Name 1*
Title 2
Name 2:
Membership Code: Enter your choice of membership category & rate in the box (eg Non Concessionary with eMagazine and auto renewal is A3, etc) The full range of options is listed in the table at the top of this page*
I / We give consent to the above details being held in the Friends' membership and financial records, on the understanding that it is for administrative purposes only in connection with the management of membership. Details will normally be removed from our records if membership ceases, but subject to the charity's legal obligations in respect of record retention. Your agreement is required for the membership to proceed.*
I / We give consent for my / our name(s) and contact details to be circulated to other members of the Friends*
I / We give consent for my / our name(s) and contact details to be passed to other organisations for purposes that only relate to membership or Friends' related events, such as providing a list of names for security purposes in connection with events at The National Archives or organised group visits to other venues.*
I would like to receive the magazine as :*
Please indicate how you would like to pay. Payment can be made in step 2 below after submitting this form. Please note that your Membership Application cannot be processed until after we have received your first subscription payment.*

I want the Friends of The National Archives to Gift Aid my subscriptions and donations from the date of this declaration, as well as any made in the last four years.

I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations in that tax year it is my responsibility to pay any difference.

I may cancel this declaration at any time by writing to the Membership Secretary.