Message from the Chairman

Your attention is drawn to a recent decision by the Friends’ Council to recommend seeking the incorporation of the Charity. The Friends is currently an unincorporated association and the trustees recommend converting to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

Please use the link below to important documents that are to be found on the members’ area of the website, and which set out the rationale for change, and its implications. It is essential that all members are aware and have the fullest opportunity to discuss and raise queries with the trustees.

The two documents set out the case and provide answers to a series of anticipated FAQs. No doubt there will be aspects not covered, so the FAQs will be updated as the consultation progresses. Please can I ask that you take the opportunity to read both documents and feedback any views or concerns in the ways set out in the documents.

In the members’ area via Members/Governance:

Chairman’s letter and FAQs