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23 March 2022: The Jacobites and International Intrigue 1708-1759 with Ralph Thompson

Drawing on National Archives sources this talk will focus on the support for the Jacobite cause outside the British Isles, achieved by means of intelligence gathering and the interaction between the Jacobite diaspora and the major continental powers. It will outline the many real and ‘imagined’ invasion plans that were hatched against Hanoverian Britain in the first half of the eighteenth century.

Ralph Thompson is a Records Adviser and volunteer supervisor and has worked at the National Archives since 1999.

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27 April 2022: The History of the Farnborough Wind Tunnels with Bob Gentry

The Farnborough airfield is famous the world over for its air show and as the birthplace of British aviation, having been at the heart of its research and development. It saw the founding of the Army Balloon School and the first powered flight in Britain in 1908 by Samuel Cody, the creation of the Royal Aircraft Factory and subsequent Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE), and the move onto supersonic flight culminating initially in the development of Concorde.

Bob Gentry will talk about the history of the wind tunnels and describe the work undertaken in them. He will cover the part they played in WWII, the jet age, and the development of Concorde, and include other generally little-known aspects of aerodynamic research.

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