Online fund raising

In order to increase funds, Friends of The National Archives (FTNA) have registered with

So far members have raised £3132 for FTNA projects, with £20.79 raised in the last 30 days and one new supporter (93 overall).

How it works
The site provides a FREE service where you can shop with your favourite online stores and at no extra cost raise funds for FTNA. For example, many of us insure our car, purchase electronic goods or buy books on line. Take a look at the amounts that will be donated to the FTNA funds, at no extra cost to your purchase.

Choose from over 2,700 of the UK’s best-known retailers including many popular names such as Amazon, Marks and Spencer, British Airways, Apple Store, John Lewis and Direct Line, and when you shop using the links on this site, a small percentage from every purchase is donated to the cause that you choose to nominate. It doesn’t cost a penny extra to shop and raise funds for your cause using this site, and as many retailers now give extra discounts when you buy online, you can even save money!

If you ALREADY shop online, why not help a good cause at no extra cost, just use the links from the site first – it really is that simple!

1. Log on to
2. Select find a cause and under F you will find Friends of The National Archives
3. You will then be prompted to register your details. This is a ‘one off’ registration, which will take about a minute to complete. This will associate you with FTNA whenever you use the site.
4. Save as your home page and you will be able to see your personal contribution to the FTNA funds.
If you ALREADY shop online, please use this site and tell your family, friends and colleagues about it as well.